It is by Grace

Yesterday was Good Friday.

amazing-graceThough Good Friday is not a public holiday in Japan, I still strongly feel the essence of Good Friday. All of my Christian friends most likely have attended a Good Friday service, and my church in Perth is holding a one-night camp. And me? I was just staying at home. Churches here do not hold any Good Friday service. Well I suppose it’s because it’s not a public holiday in the first place.

My experiences with going to church in here is totally different from the ones in Perth. I’ve been going to a local church for the first two weeks in Japan. In terms of the number of congregations, I couldn’t compare it with my church in Perth.

I was a little bit shocked when I first came there. Even though I had expected that situation, one question kept on bugging me. Where are the people, God? There are so many empty seats in a pretty small church building. I noticed there was one young girl sitting in the back row of the church. Another question popped up in my mind, where are H2O people (i.e youth) in this area?

I am simply reminded of the very first time when I became a Christian. I remember unexplainable joy filling my heart that day. It’s as though I had found my treasure. That is a life filled with heavenly promises and joy.

Then the hardship came. It was a hard time when I felt like giving up in spirit. I feared many things in life. But in the end I just made it through. At that time I took a commitment for being faithful to Him regardless of the situation in life. Then there were those days when I was so down and felt hopeless. Again, I made it through.

When I am looked back at the past, I know one reason why I’m still here until this very day. That’s because God has never let me go nor given up on me!

I give them eternal life, and they shall never perish; no one can snatch them out of my hand – John 10:28 (NIV)

Having been living my 4-year Christian life, I have seen many people that seem far from salvation. I mean, for some people their environment, their culture and history (you name it) avoid them to come to Jesus.

Is it hard for them to receive salvation, Lord?

It made me realise that actually at anytime I could have chosen not to follow Him. I might have been in the society that is far from Christ, being isolated from hearing the Gospel, being blinded by many false teachings. But hey, His grace has won it all! I am here being united in Christ Jesus. What can separate me now?

Although my questions remain unanswered, I know it is undeniably grace beyond comprehension.

Have a great Easter everyone!


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