I wonder about… God’s heart

I’ve been wondering about God’s heart, and what He is thinking about me. Me? A small moving dot whose name is Annice – this is the view from the heaven. Obviously, we as human wouldn’t fully understand His mind. But…

I found an interesting fact in the bible. I’ve been reading the books of prophet in the old testament, (Isaiah, Jeremiah) and I do think that God’s mercy is still deeper even in His anger. I read some verses that showed God mourning for Israel’s unfaithfulness.

Not so interesting? Well, to me… it is. In His anger, He still loves His chosen ones. He just can’t hate His own children. And so… I wonder what if we, as His adopted as sons and daughters through Jesus Christ, take the best place in His heart. If we please Him, how much more will His mercy and love be shown to our life?

Ps: I am not making any I-wonder series, btw. It just happens I am lazy to write a long post 🙂


3 thoughts on “I wonder about… God’s heart

  1. Wow, my name is also Annice, and it’s interesting to see that we are both are choosing to grow in our faith and relationship with The Lord. I just wanted to say your doing just fine and always remember to keep your faith and love stronger then all else ❤ I love reading your posts, they remind me of the questions and thoughts I’m always finding myself pondering about lol but God Bess and keep your head up n heart wide open!!! 🙂 thank u – Annice Vigil

    1. Hi Annice,
      It’s kinda weird to say hi to myself. I guess because I’ve never met anyone with the same name as mine.
      Thank you for reading my post (yep, it was last year :D). I’ve been absent from the blog for these past three years. But reading your comment just now I feel encouraged.
      Thank you and God bless you 🙂

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