I wonder about… Comfort Zone

Have you ever realized about your comfort zone? Is that your career, your relationship, or even your fascinating dreams that might have drifted you away?

I believe that your comfort zone can be one of your biggest enemy to live in God’s perfect plan. When hardships come on your way, you may think hard what God wants in your life. Oh well, I did. And the hardship, I think, will make you understand a step deeper about God’s will.

At one time, I’ve noticed some Christians that hold tightly their business as though it was their main treasure. I’ve seen others that cling to a relationship. I just wonder what if all these comfort zones were suddenly taken away from you. What will remain in your life? Shouldn’t we pursue something that is eternal? Shouldn’t we pursue holiness and righteousness? Because God who has called us is Holy and Righteous. I believe that’s what matters most when we talk about our eternal relationship with God.


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