21 Days Fasting: Week 1

Starting 2011, I have committed myself to begin with seeking God first above all. Before writing down my vision and goals for this, I’ll make sure that these goals are not merely for me but more like what God wants me to achieve this year.

So I decided to join in 21 Days Fasting Movement that is being held by Free Chapel, churches that are pastored by Pastor Jentezen Franklin. I was reading his book about fasting last year and my heart is moved to offer God more than my normal prayers. I decided that I wanted to fast.

So here I am! I began my fasting last Monday and today is my 6th day of 21 days fast. I printed out a copy of commitment sheet, writing down the reasons for fasting, such as: (1) In need of financial miracle,  (2) Salvation for the loved ones, (3) Dreams and goals for 2011 that only with God I can achieve, (4) Walking deeper in Spirit, (5) Ministry (H2O leaders and the congregation, vision and plans)

*Don’t worry about the numbers, they don’t mean the priority of the fasting.

During the fast, God has clearly spoken to me through the reading of scripture and prayers. Amazingly, He has spoken of all the aspects of my life that I have been praying for. Ministry, family, financial, romance and dreams. I can’t wait for His next revelation in the next few days.

God is reaffirming His promises. I feel like Abraham looking at the starry sky and imagining his children becomes God’s chosen nation. I am a little me looking at the sky of promises, believing God is bringing to pass a great purpose that my mind can’t even know how to reach it. There will be a set time when God fulfill every single prayer, every wish and dream, and things that I have never asked for nor heard of.

Lastly, I wrote down those visions that only my eyes of faith could catch. They might look silly for the time being, but trust me, when the fulfillment comes, it will just come natural. I encourage you to do the same. Write down your goals for this year, please! Humans often forget that good things come from the Lord. Some people, including me, tend to think that our great effort contributes mostly to our success. We forget that we had asked for them in prayers. Then when we receive the blessings, we tend to take them for granted.

Call to me and I will answer you and tell you great and unsearchable things you do not know –

Jeremiah 33:3


One thought on “21 Days Fasting: Week 1

  1. Amazing blog post Nice!

    Ur blog has encouraged me in the way that u may not know…looking forward to catch up ur stories next month! Keep posting the blog…

    Keep winning 🙂

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