What makes you feel alive?

When my heart is troubled, I always find myself easy to write poems. Taraaa! They just popped up in my mind without thinking hard about what to write about.

Oh well, call me pathetic! But I found that writing makes me feel alive.

What makes you feel alive? Things that make you alive might be God’s given seed to find out your dream. They could easily speak to your heart as your heart desires.

So, what makes you feel alive?


One thought on “What makes you feel alive?

  1. Hi Annice,

    I bunny-hopped around several websites to find some material I needed for my Social Values Charter and, to be honest, I would never have found this blog if it wasn’t thanks to Google Image.

    I’ve read some of your entries, particularly w/ your intent on “waiting” until He calls upon you as well as your curiosity on God Himself. What I don’t understand is why you’re not jumping in, getting messy and just do what you do best with the talents/gifts that you have in your heart. What exactly are you waiting for?

    Oh, and to your question RE: this post: Many things! Learning new things and/or above my current cognitive capacity, eating new foods, running my business w/ my partner and wife (and everything both within and around that business) – anything that touches my heart pretty much fits the bill.

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