21 Days: Week 2 and 3

Well, it’s kinda late to post how my fast had been going, because I have ended my fast last week! And the result TA-RA…, I ate lots of meat yesterday. No-no, just joking.

I learned a lot through fasting. I believe when you fast, you seek God more than your regular bible reading or your prayer life. The Bible says in Hebrew 11:6 that He is the rewarder of those who diligently seek Him. As you draw closer to God, He reveals things that your physical eyes cannot see, gives you understanding for your problem and strengthens your weakened soul.

During my fast, I asked God which areas I need to pursue, which ones I need to prepare even before I could see the possibility, which ones I need to surrender to God. If you know what it mean, I will try everything I could but I will surrender to God’s way above anything else. So I need wisdom to differentiate those two.

God did answer me about that. But I can’t agree more that I was strongly intimidated during the fast. As I drew near in prayers, on the contrary I felt so defeated. I didn’t know where hope had left me with. The very negative thoughts had hit me almost every time. So many times during my fast I was on the verge of giving up. I felt like giving up on hope and ministry. The attack was so real that I had planned to talk to the leaders that I wanted to quit the ministry. Thanks God, I chose to stay calm and follow a whisper in my heart. Stay faithful! Your God is a faithful One.

I didn’t realize that it was the enemy’s attack until the end of my fast. Fasting is like running a race. The race is long, tiring and tough, but the prize of the race is much more rewarding than the race itself. Sometimes the enemy knows better and believes more strongly than we do. The enemy knows the potency in each everyone of us. He knows if we get into our destiny, we will be people of influence because we are abundantly blessed. And the enemy doesn’t want us to reach our destined place.

To conclude my 21- days fast, I have recommitted myself that I will finish the race no matter what happens. I wouldn’t easily give up because God himself never thinks of giving up on me.


2 thoughts on “21 Days: Week 2 and 3

  1. Hey! just stumbled-upon your post/posts. 🙂 I’m just reminded of how God talked to me about giving up as well, when He showed me that the evil one will try to defeat us by choosing and making weapons for us that will hit us at our weakest point (Isaiah 54:17); may it be or emotions, thoughts, actions – think about (insert your name >> _____-seeking missiles.) So many times I did feel like this enemy makes the most out of me, hitting me at my very lowest and weakest but isn’t it where God is stronger and sufficient, in our own emptiness and weakness!

    Yes. Wait, wait, waiting on the Lord!

    Thanks much.

    Brother in the Uncreated – Roymaaa.

  2. If you come to realise, your comfort zone is in fact your own church. Its like living inside a wall of a culture. Jesus never lived inside the wall of the church yet he keep winning those souls out of it.

    Think about it girl, get out of your comfort zone and reach out to those who need the most!

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