What makes you feel alive?

When my heart is troubled, I always find myself easy to write poems. Taraaa! They just popped up in my mind without thinking hard about what to write about.

Oh well, call me pathetic! But I found that writing makes me feel alive.

What makes you feel alive? Things that make you alive might be God’s given seed to find out your dream. They could easily speak to your heart as your heart desires.

So, what makes you feel alive?


I wonder about… Comfort Zone

Have you ever realized about your comfort zone? Is that your career, your relationship, or even your fascinating dreams that might have drifted you away?

I believe that your comfort zone can be one of your biggest enemy to live in God’s perfect plan. When hardships come on your way, you may think hard what God wants in your life. Oh well, I did. And the hardship, I think, will make you understand a step deeper about God’s will.

At one time, I’ve noticed some Christians that hold tightly their business as though it was their main treasure. I’ve seen others that cling to a relationship. I just wonder what if all these comfort zones were suddenly taken away from you. What will remain in your life? Shouldn’t we pursue something that is eternal? Shouldn’t we pursue holiness and righteousness? Because God who has called us is Holy and Righteous. I believe that’s what matters most when we talk about our eternal relationship with God.

I wonder about… God’s heart

I’ve been wondering about God’s heart, and what He is thinking about me. Me? A small moving dot whose name is Annice – this is the view from the heaven. Obviously, we as human wouldn’t fully understand His mind. But…

I found an interesting fact in the bible. I’ve been reading the books of prophet in the old testament, (Isaiah, Jeremiah) and I do think that God’s mercy is still deeper even in His anger. I read some verses that showed God mourning for Israel’s unfaithfulness.

Not so interesting? Well, to me… it is. In His anger, He still loves His chosen ones. He just can’t hate His own children. And so… I wonder what if we, as His adopted as sons and daughters through Jesus Christ, take the best place in His heart. If we please Him, how much more will His mercy and love be shown to our life?

Ps: I am not making any I-wonder series, btw. It just happens I am lazy to write a long post 🙂

I wonder about… the Hope in Jesus

There are days when the voice of the world is unbearably loud, while the voice of my faith only whisper in my ear.

I always find myself writing pages and pages of God’s promises in my life and saying it out loud the bible verse I am holding on to. So that my spirit can hear it. So that the words get into my unconscious mind.

At the end of the day, I sum up there are impossible things that God cannot do:

1. God cannot not love me (Romans 8:35-39,)

2. God cannot leave me (Matthew 28:20, Psalm 48:14)

3. God cannot not bless me (Philippians 4:19, Psalm 1:2-3)

4. God cannot not listen to my prayers (James 5:17-18, Psalm 5:4)

5. God cannot not care about me (Hebrews 4:15, Psalm 34:18)

What else?

Dear enemy, you can bring up all the accusations and try to steal the hope I have in Jesus, but at the end you will only find my hope grows even stronger than before. You are prowling around like a roaring lion and trying your very best angle to beat me down. But you will only see me soaring like an eagle. I’ll be so secure in my Father’s hand.

Hold fast to the hope you confess, for I am faithful to keep my promises – Hebrews 10:23

I wonder about… Answered Prayers

Did you ever feel that God might not have answered you certain questions of your life but after long period of time you finally understood the reason why?

Through a simple conversation with a friend, I finally understood the reason why God has closed the door for a certain chance in my life. At that time I kept asking why God didn’t grant my heart desire. But it indeed took courage, trust and patience to believe that God knew what He was up to.

I think God is so confident in what He is doing even though sometimes we tries to interpret His mind.

Oh well, that is our God.

Faith {always} Matters

One thing that I asked God about:

How could I lay my heart’s desires and still expect that You will deliver those to me?

It takes FAITH, Annice!

The very simple fact is that I need to put my faith in Him. I need to believe in His love, sovereignty and goodness. Therefore Hebrews 11:1 says, “Now faith is confidence in what we hope for and assurance about what we do not see.”

If every desire is visible to see, it is not a hope anymore. Yet, faith is exercised in the realm of uncertainty. Invisibility.

No, I can’t see them coming into my life. So this must be the opportunity to stretch my faith. I am opening my eyes of faith wider than these physical ones.

This Season… (rambling)

Time flies. So many times I have seen my friend’s status on Facebook/twitter talking about it.

This year has been a season of endless prayers to me. I may try to run with my own strength, but it always comes back when I have to kneel down and pray. Regardless of the circumstances, this is the season when I totally rely on God the most. I have been walking my five-year Christian life, but I have never realized how badly I need God to be on my side until these days.

Every time my negative thoughts attempt to attack me. Or when I think that I’m secure enough because of some reasons, they suddenly didn’t become my security anymore. In the end it always makes me come back to my knees and realise that my security and rest are always found in Jesus.

It’s obviously not the season when I used to easily get what I want. But this time round, it doesn’t mean that I’m not going to receive what I desire. I know I I will. It’s just when you are not seeing how you would get it, you couldn’t even guess how it is going to come to your life. But in my daily life, the more that it seems so far to me, the more I know it that I need God even more. I don’t simply need Him to fulfill my desire, but I need Him as He is.

Enough rambling. Time to sleep.