Hello (again) Blogging!

Just when I was about to create a new blog on WordPress, I came to realise that this login page was so familiar and I used to have an account here. So I gave it a shot, and it turned out that it still worked!! Yeay!

So here I am.. writing to give my awkward introduction, after my three years of absence from the blogging world.

I really thought that I had deleted this blog. I’m sorry I had abandoned you!. But I do have good reasons why I decided to stop blogging. One of them is that I didn’t spare enough time to do my online writing.

The story starts when I decided to reignite my passion for writing. And guess what, blogging should be one way to do so! But passion in writing is not the only reason why I started to blog again. I have thought for quite a long time that I haven’t live my best life. I’m not saying that I wasn’t grateful for the life that I have. I imagine my life was like a rubber band that was not stretched enough, and therefore lost its function.

What I mean with my best life, I think, is about living life passionately.  I don’t want to see my life passing by, and I have never had enough courage to pursue my dreams. Living constantly in fear of failure is not what God intends our life to be. That’s why I challenge and strengthen myself to live life.

Now that I found my old blog I’m glad that I don’t need to come up with a new blog name. You know it’s hard to find a catchy blog name.

Anyway, stay tuned for my next blog post 🙂


Guidance from the Start

I was somehow afraid and worried about ‘something’. But God told me, “Annice, you asked My guidance before. Trust Me, I’ve been guiding you until this moment.”

That answer eases my heart. I remember I asked God to guide every step I took in this matter. I should have seen it! He heard my prayers. He has been guiding me because I asked Him to. And He wouldn’t stop to guide me because He just loves me so much!!

Why couldn’t I see it? I guess… instead of looking at His promises, I had been looking at the situation that didn’t support me.

My Granted Wish

Yay! Some of you may have known it already, yet I still feel like posting it on my blog.

Mmm.. First of all, I want to say thank you to my Big Daddy up there. He’s always been super great to me. Oops, it sounds like I was on the stage receiving an award. But it’s true, I feel that I have received a big parcel from Him. He’s granted my wish… specifically.

“Lord, I really want to go to Japan one day.” granted!
“But at least on scholarship, Lord. I’m broke. Limited resources here. Well, unless you drop some money from above. My arms always wide open.”got it!
“Oh yah, I don’t wanna go to the *ulu part of Japan. A bit scary if it’s too quiet.”granted, I’m going to Kobe.
“I feel like shopping, Lord. I can’t do so much shopping here 😦 Well, Singapore will do, but I miss the cheap shopping in Hong Kong” – yuhuuu, granted!

Yes! I am going to Japan and Hong Kong this coming holiday. I will be studying Japanese in Kobe, traveling around and going sightseeing there. Wow, I’m really looking forward to this year winter holiday.

Above all, God knows what we want specifically guys. Is that good for me, Lord? Is that what You want for me, Lord? If you find the answer ‘yes’, but you still haven’t received anything yet. Don’t be discouraged! You know it… God knows it, God cares about it and God is working on it. So, never stop believing!

*ulu = inaka, xiangxia, kampoeng, countryside

What is your personality based on?

I am in the middle of doing my Japanese essay on my view about personality traits based on Chinese astrology. Oh well, I had to choose one of the three topics available. While they are all pretty much the same, the difference is just what it is based on. Blood type? Western zodiac? Or Chinese astrology?

Personality based on blood type amazes me with all the scientific research. Western astrology.. I used to check that cute sheep of mine on the magazine. And Chinese animal signs… ahh, how could all the people who were born in the same year have the same personality?

Huh? Why can’t I choose my own topic? My personality based on the bible or what God says. Surely, readers will be incredibly amazed how God knows His creatures very well as a precious individual. Mmm… I am making a good point =D


Did you choose to spend time with Him?

One more day passed, day turned into night. During this time at night when all my busy activities are over, I am thinking how relaxed I was on supposedly my busy day. I finish my class early on Tuesday, and honestly that puts me at ease. I tend to do what I feel like doing, and sometimes I have to rush to do must-do things when the day is about to end.

Taking a few minutes to ponder my day, I realised that it’s actually a matter of choice what I will do in the next 5 minutes, in the next one hour, in every single minute. It simply makes me think of our own choice to spend time with God. I wonder if we ever say that we don’t have time to read our bible or even to pray. You know, one simple way to listen to God and to know Him better. Sorry, I must rephrase it that we obviously choose not to spend time with Him. Because if it’s the case, let’s make it simple by making time for Him.

Again, it’s a matter of choice what you want to do in the next minute.


Inilah hidup merantau di negri asing
Yang mesti dikerjain kok buanyak?

Mesti cari rumah baru,
Mesti nyetir, ngurusin SIM,
Ngurusin visa…
Eh, eh, ini esei ama temen-temennya
Kok belon dikerjain ya??
Pusing deh

Ah, ah, ah…
Lebih pusing lagi jadi Tuhannya Annice
Tiap hari denger keluhan yang sama

This Time Before Graduating

1st year PR: Ok, PR seems hard. People there definitely have excellent communication skill, bubbly personality, and stuff. Suit me? Well, not gonna give up even though it’s hard!

2nd year PR: I love writing. I was even thinking of working in a woman/travel magazine. And second year PR units are pretty much about writing and media. Love it… but good writing doesn’t come easy!

3rd year PR: Just pass? Not distinction? Am I lowering my standard? I don’t want to. But the tutor only gave 2/5 to most groups pitching today!! And I was thinking they were quiet good. Am I not critical enough to spot the weaknesses?

I’ve just recalled how I had fared in Public Relations unit. Now I’m doing 3rd year PR unit, yet it’s still not my last year ‘cos I got 4 years study. Thanks to the double degree I had been wanting to do.

I’m trying not to complain today even though I know, deep inside my heart, many questions are just wandering around. One of the questions that has been bugging me is… what am I focusing on? Honestly I don’t know what the future holds for me, in terms of a job I’ll be getting. Am I gonna be a PR person? Or am I gonna be just an event co-ordinator? Or perhaps a translator? Then where will I settle in?

Such a dilemma for most about-to-graduate students!

I am kinda confused with what I am enjoying the most. Having Ko Anta’s sermon in my mind last Saturday, the question raised is… am I content with what I have been studying for the past two years? And the honest answer would be… I do not know.

Yes, I chose my own course, researched what Public Relations was about when I was back in Indonesia and even chose Curtin University although it’s in Perth (I like Melbourne better)! But there are too many times that I feel like giving up my course. The effort I put into my study is just not comparable to the result I get. Hate it!

Ah Lord, guide me step by step. I’m too confused! I don’t wanna have any choices, please choose one for me..