The Writer



Hello, I’m Annice, and I live in Perth, WA. I was originally born and grew up in Indonesia. After completing high school there, I decided to come to Australia to study  (Phew, that was a long time ago!).

I’m a self-declared language enthusiast, an occasional writer, and an introvert who love people. I enjoy cooking, and lately have been into photography. Recently I’m re-committed to living my life passionately. As I’m approaching my big 30, I have  seriously pondered on my 20 something life. Time has passed so fast, yet I haven’t done many things that I always wanted to do. I’ve told myself so many times even if time went by a bit too fast than expected, I couldn’t afford to miss out on the best thing in life. I believe that the best thing means to live life to the fullest – to reach our maximum potential.

So, about this blog… This is a place where I share my life and passion. Blogging is one way to keep myself motivated. This blog is also to keep me accountable to my commitment, which is to pursue my dreams and to live my life passionately.


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